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Floor Score, EPD, Blue Angel, A+ and 100% Natural certifications.


We try to provide our customers with the most useful tools at our disposal. Quickly locate and download product data, technical specifications, installation guides and other documents below ( all open as an Adobe© PDF or ZIP).


True Earth Installation Guide

Specs & Data



Made from 100% plastic-free, all natural materials with an industry-leading 79% recycled content. Swiss-engineered and produced, incorporating LICO’s zero-waste manufacturing processes.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Made from 100% organic and plastic-free materials provides superior indoor air quality.


Measure Test Test Result Rating
Wear Resistance NAFLA 3.7 6,200 Cycles Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Caster Chair Resistance NAFLA 3.9 35,000+ Cycles Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Small Ball Impact NAFLA 3.5 >500 Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Large Ball Impact NAFLA 3.5 >1400 Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Xenon Light Resistance NAFLA 3.3 5 Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Thickness Swell NAFLA 3.2 7.5% Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Surface Bond NAFLA 3.10 1.61N/mm2 Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Cleanbility-Stain Resistance NAFLA 3.4 Total Score 4 Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Static Load NAFLA 3.1 900 lbs Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Assembled Joint Swell Test NAFLA Joint Swell Test 0.000 mm n/a
Water Swell EN 317 < 1% after 24-hr submersion n/a
Slip Resistance DFOC ANSI A137.1 0.5 n/a
Sound Insulation STC, w/o ceiling ASTM E90 53 n/a
Sound Transmission IIC, w/o ceiling ASTM E492 59 n/a


True Earth Floorworks is a completely plastic-free, waterproof floor made from 100% organic materials. It is composed of 100% natural materials such as wood, cork, seed oil, rubber and other reclaimed and recycled natural fibers.

Construction – 9mm thickness

Fibrano® Top Layer (1 mm) – This hard-wearing layer is made from a revolutionary blend of recycled leather and natural binding materials. LICO’s proprietary Hotcoat® wear layer is a blend of acrylic, polyurethane, and aluminum oxide to allow for flexibility and movement, yet achieve an excellent AC 4 rated wear durability. Beautiful and authentic looking wood and stone designs created using high resolution, low repeat digital printing.

HydroWood® waterproof encapsulated wood fiber core (7 mm) – True Earth Floorworks’ exclusive waterproof wood fiber core is ultra-dense, resulting in exceptional dimensional stability. Even in direct sunlight, up to 6500 square feet can be installed without expansion joints.

Cork Underlayment (1mm) – The soft and quiet 100% natural, recycled cork underlayment is made from the wine cork industry’s post-industrial waste