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Scratch Shield Wear Layer High-Definition Decor Layer Comfort Level Patented Rigid Core Board (RCB) High-Performance Bonding Layer High-Density Acoustic Underlay

Scratch Shield

Our Scratch Shield™ advanced finish technology is a proprietary blend of crosslinked polyurethane and acrylic. This finish is one of the most durable, long-lasting surfaces in the rigid core flooring industry. As a result, scratches a dulling from everyday use are greatly reduced.

Wear Layer

Provides advanced UV protection.

High-Definition Decor Layer

High-definition designs replicate wood and stone patterns realistically.

Comfort Level

An added layer engineered to provide underfoot walking comfort, warmth and added acoustic performance.

Patented Rigid Core Board (RCB)

Provides superior density and dimensional stability compared to other multilayer floors like Wood Plastic Composite or Stone Plastic Composite and will never delaminate, cup or curl. This manufacturing technology results in the highest level of stability so sub-floor imperfections stay hidden.

High-Performance Bonding Layer

Through a patented high-temperature melding process, the RCB core in Hydro Fix Comfort Core is simultaneously integrated into a 7-layer, homogenous board, which will never delaminate, cup or curl, making it safe for use with underfloor heating.

High-Density Acoustic Underlay

Hydro Fix Comfort Core Comfort Core uses a sound-deadening, non-organic Extruded Poly Styrene (EPS) acoustic underlay which is 100% waterproof and will never harbor mold growth.