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Reliability. Stability. Quality.

For hundreds of years, these three words have been associated with products made in Switzerland. The Swiss demand for excellence has earned the small nation a big reputation for quality known around the world. Since 1989, that dedication to quality is what drives the team at Lico with a commitment to innovation and a customer-oriented approach to doing business.

That approach has propelled Lico to become a leader in the flooring industry, offering a variety of products for residential and commercial customers. Today, Lico-US is able to bring that same commitment to quality and innovation to the North American market, offering superior flooring products previously unavailable to the U.S.

Our attention to quality control represents the very best of European manufacturing and technology. These earth-friendly, environmentally responsible flooring products will make any home or business a more comfortable and more beautiful place to be.

Hydro Fix Comfort Core

Featuring Lico®’s patented 7-layer, heat-infused extrusion process, Hydro Fix Comfort Core™ flooring integrates RCB® technology, a stress-free Rigid Core Board, which provides superior density and dimensional stability. The Hydro Fix Comfort Core™ collection is 100 percent waterproof, can be installed over most existing hard surfaces and will not telegraph minor subfloor imperfections. The unique composition allows it to be strong, dimensionally stable, lightweight and safe, as it does not contain any plasticizers, phthalates or formaldehyde.

This floor also features an added layer engineered to provide underfoot walking comfort, warmth and added acoustic performance. The proprietary polymer-based layer was designed to provide years of warmth and cushion without compromising the durability and performance of the floor. Hydro Fix Comfort Core™ offers superior scratch and stain protection with either a 12-mil or 22-mil Scratch Shield® wear layer.

  • Rigid Core Board (RCB) technology is 2X as dense as any LVT/WPC core and offers a thinner, more rigid plank.
  • Unique, industry-first Comfort Level™ under the wear layer.
  • Durable, long-lasting performance withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic.
  • Available in 14 beautiful wood-look finishes.


Combine a stable mineral core board with the latest HD digital printing technology and the result is Micodur, a revolutionary 100% organic PVC-free floor that is durable and stable like ceramic tile, yet features groutless, click-down installation. Suitable for both residential and commercial areas, Micodur’s stability is possible due to its patented Rigid Cement Core Board (RCCB) technology. An excellent alternative to plastic or wood-based flooring, the mineral core board features zero expansion or contraction. Flex Core Technology™ imparts an elastic characteristic, allowing Micodur to be installed as a clickable floating floor.

In a proprietary, integrated process, the RCCB is combined with an organic acoustic underlay, high-definition digital printing and two layers of Surface Shield™ to deliver a 100% waterproof floor in both wood planks and natural tile sizes. This organic, eco-friendly technology results in a floor that is soft and warm to the touch with superior underfoot comfort, yet anti-slip and anti-static. Micodur flooring is available in 9 gorgeous wood and stone finishes.

  • Perfectly stable mineral core board features zero expansion/contraction for absolute dimensional stability
  • Anti-slip and anti-static surface features thermal insulation for warmth and comfort
  • Made with renewable raw material and free of harmful substances
  • Available in 9 gorgeous wood and stone finishes