Royal Support Info

Royal Solid Rigid Core offers impressive strength, waterproofing and durability at a great value. The Royal line is proudly made at our Wisconsin plant using our cutting-edge European manufacturing process. Six timeless and exclusive designs for the North American market provide differentiation from the competition. The on-trend visuals and high performance at a reasonable price point provide a great solution for homeowners and builders alike.

Construction – 9mm thickness

Fibrano® Top Layer (1 mm) – This hard-wearing layer is made from a revolutionary blend of recycled leather and natural binding materials. LICO’s proprietary Hotcoat® wear layer is a blend of acrylic, polyurethane, and aluminum oxide to allow for flexibility and movement, yet achieve an excellent AC 4 rated wear durability. Beautiful and authentic looking wood and stone designs created using high resolution, low repeat digital printing.

HydroWood® Core (7 mm) – True Earth Floorworks’ exclusive waterproof wood fiber core is ultra-dense, resulting in exceptional dimensional stability. Even in direct sunlight, up to 6500 square feet can be installed without expansion joints.

Cork Underlayment (1mm) – The soft and quiet 100% natural, recycled cork underlayment is made from the wine cork industry’s post-industrial waste.


Floor Score, EPD, Blue Angel, A+ and 100% Natural certifications.



Made from 100% plastic-free, all natural materials with an industry-leading 79% recycled content. Swiss-engineered and produced, incorporating LICO’s zero-waste manufacturing processes.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Made from 100% organic and plastic-free materials provides superior indoor air quality.



Achieves Class 4 Heavy Commercial Rating including surface wear and caster chair resistance, thickness swell, surface bond and stain resistance. Heavy-duty, professional grade is idea; for commercial properties, and, of course, a premium choice for residential projects.

Walking Comfort

The elastic properties of the Fibrano top layer provide unequaled underfoot comfort in the resilient floor category. This underfoot softness ensures a pleasant and warm feeling with high-comfort, without the loud clicking found in other hard surface floors.

Product Testing

MeasureTestTest ResultRating
Wear ResistanceNAFLA 3.76,200 CyclesClass 4 Heavy Commercial
Caster Chair ResistanceNAFLA 3.935,000+ CyclesClass 4 Heavy Commercial
Small Ball ImpactNAFLA 3.5>500Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Large Ball ImpactNAFLA 3.5>1400Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Xenon Light ResistanceNAFLA 3.35Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Thickness SwellNAFLA 3.27.5%Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Surface BondNAFLA 3.101.61N/mm2Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Cleanability-Stain ResistanceNAFLA 3.4Total Score 4Class 4 Heavy Commercial
Static LoadNAFLA 3.1900 lbsClass 4 Heavy Commercial
Assembled Joint Swell TestNAFLA Joint Swell Test0.000 mmn/a
Slip Resistance DFOCANSI A137.10.5n/a
Sound Insulation STC, w/o ceilingASTM E9053n/a
Sound Transmission IIC, w/o ceilingASTM E49259n/a