Micodur Composition

Micodur Composition

Micodur’s patented core technology combines a 100% organic, PVC-free blend of cement, minerals and reinforcing natural binding fibers. In this revolutionary shift, Micodur combines a century-old, fiber-cement manufacturing process with modern material science to deliver a superior Rigid Cement Core Board (RCCB). Much like ceramic tiles or natural stone floors, this RCCB delivers a 100% dimensionally-stable floor which will never expand, delaminate or curl.
Flooring Composition LICO Swiss Quality Floors Other Brands Other Brands
Product Line Micodur Traditional Tile WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)
Manufacturing Process Patented Cement Board Core, Digitally Printed with Hot Coating Wear Shield Clay Tiles, Glazed and Hot Kiln Baked LVT Glued & Hot Pressed on WPC Core
Material Composition 100% Organic 100% Organic PVC-Based
Comfort Core Walking & Warmth Technology Yes No No
Underlayment Waterproof & 100% Anti-Microbial No Water-Resistant Cork (Can Harbor Mold)
Floor Décor Design High Definition Digital Print Paint or Print Print Film on LVT

Perfect Blend of Stability and Flexibility

While extremely dense, rigid and durable, Micodur’s RCCB core is comprised of proprietary materials that prevent brittleness and fragility. This Flex Core Technology™ allows the floor to be slightly flexible and somewhat elastic making it the ideal floating floor. This dense, yet supple core provides for high-accuracy click-joint milling, allowing for superior joint connection, durability and strength, while offering ease of installation.
Layer Micodur mm
1 Scratch Shield™ 0.20
2 Digitally Printed Décor 0.03
3 Core Guard 0.10
4 Patented Rigid Cement Core Board "RCCB" 6.20
5 High Performance Bonding Layer 0.05
6 Organic Acoustic Underlay 1.00
Total 7.58
Micodur Layer Diagram

Beautiful, Durable & 100% Waterproof

The RCCB is integrated with an organic acoustic underlay, high-definition digital printing and two layers of Surface ShieldTM to deliver a long-lasting, fully waterproof, floating and clickable floor plank and tile system.