Hydro Fix Composition

Hydro Fix Composition

Hydro Fix Comfort Core Comfort Core’s patented high-temperature extrusion process simultaneously integrates seven layers into a homogenous, stress-free product without using glue to combine layers. This patented process, combined with our RCB technology, results in the most stable product of its type available. Flooring stability issues are especially abundant when vinyl top layers are applied with hot press glue, a technique many manufacturers use.
Flooring Composition LICO Swiss Quality Floors Other Brands Other Brands
Product Line Hydro Fix Comfort Core Comfort Core SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)
Manufacturing Process Patented 7-Layer, Homogenous Extrusion Film-Glued & Hot Pressed on SPC Core LVT Glued & Hot Pressed on WPC Core
Material Composition PVC-Based PVC-Based PVC-Based
Comfort Level Walking & Warmth Layer Yes No No
Underlayment Waterproof & 100% Anti-Microbial Water-Resistant Cork (Can Harbor Mold) Water-Resistant Cork (Can Harbor Mold)
Floor Decor Design Print Film Print Film Print Film on LVT
Hydro Fix Layer Diagram

Industry-Best Stability

Our patented manufacturing process produces a flooring product that has no stresses embedded in the board, resulting in a flat, defect-free surface for the life of your floor. Other multilayer floors, like WPC and SPC, use core boards are made with the previous generation extrusion technology. Their extrusion processes freeze or lock in heat and cupping stresses into the boards – stresses that are gradually released in the form of cupping over time through heating and cooling cycles. Technically this performance is measured in what is known as the Long-Term Stability Test, exposing the floors to heat as directed by the flooring industry standard EN-434. Hydro Fix Comfort Core Comfort Core’s performance is more than 20 times more stable in this area when compared to WPC products, and 7 times more stable than SPC.

Underfoot Comfort Level

Hydro Fix Comfort Core Comfort Core is leading the industry into the next must-have feature—an added layer engineered to provide underfoot walking comfort, warmth and added acoustic performance. Gone are the days where real wood, tile and multilayer floors leave your feet cold and sore. Our propriety polymer-based layer was designed to provide years of warmth and cushion without compromising the durability and performance of the floor.

100% Mold & Mildew Resistant

Hydro Fix Comfort Core Comfort Core uses a sound-deadening, non-organic Extruded Poly Styrene (EPS) acoustic underlay which is 100% waterproof and will never harbor mold growth. Some WPC floors use cork-based underlayment. While cork is water resistant, it is an organic material. Mold or fungi are organisms that require moisture and an organic food source to grow and multiply. When floors with cork underlays have been exposed to moisture, they must be completely disassembled and dried properly to prevent mold growth.